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Sheng word of the day

Bafu [ bah-foo  ]  ( Verb )

Meaning: Con

Use: Yani Mose ana ni bafu tu live! = You mean Moses is just trying to con me?!



Meaning clarification: Not to be confused with the swahili word ''bafu'' meaning '' bathroom''

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations: -

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Ndialala – [Verb] 

Meaning: Trouble


- ... won't be moved – This word was pushed to the political front by two artistes who today (2016) are not in the music scene any more though they have stayed on air in two radio stations.…


- Post sexondary education? – This word belies its meaning by a mile…

Njenga – [ Male ] 
1. Njesh

  – …

 Inaitisha Chipo – A shoe that is torn …

 Uma vako – To sit in wait…

 Kavu mbili – Two thousand…

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