Tracing the Roots of Sheng

Go Sheng is a social enterprise that leverages on the SHENG language and culture in Kenya to celebrate Kenya and advance for national unity. Our Mission is to facilitate open and candid conversations through building platforms for discourse, expression and broadcasting.

We are conducting a Research to Trace the Roots of SHENG in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

This study involves a questionnaire where your views about SHENG will be sought. Your views in the interview will be held strictly confidential by Go Sheng and will not be shared with any secondary parties. Only the researchers will have access to the information and all the records of views will be kept safe.

All information collected from this research study remains the property of GO SHENG Services and shall be used at the discretion of the same as detailed in paragraph three (3) of this consent agreement.

By clicking on either of the buttons below, you agree to having read and understood the above information as well as agree to participate in this study voluntarily.

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