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Meaning : Madaraka estate
Word use : Otivo anapoa Mada = Steve lives in Madaraka
Word period: Late 70's
Word related to: Housing
Word synonyms: None
Spelling variation: Madah, Maada
Meaning clarification: Not to be confused with its homonyms for "kill" and "finish"

Word Origin : Mada
Histo ya word.
Contracted form of "Madaraka". Madaraka Estate is a middle class residential neighbourhood in Nairobi located approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) from the city center.
The word madaraka is Swahili for self governance.
This estate was set up in the late 70s.

Mada - (Verb) - [ Ma-daa ]

Meaning : Kill
Word use : Thegi alimada karao = A thug killed a cop
Word period: Mid 80's
Word related to: Death, Dying
Word synonyms:

Word Origin : Unknown
Histo ya word.
Derived from English "Murder" but spelt sans the deep "r" sound

Mada - (Verb) - [ Ma-da ]

Meaning : To finish/end (a task)
Word use : Tume mada exams leo = We've finished our exams today
Word period: Early 90's
Word related to: Tasks
Word synonyms: MaloFini

Word Origin : Unknown
Histo ya word.
Derived from English word "murder"

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