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Meaning : People
Use : Naona nikama hii mat imebeba wadhii kibao = I think this matatu is full (of people)
Period: Mid 90's
Related to: Ndae, Rotejo, Nganya, Bash, Chuo, Mtaa,
Synonyms: RaiyaRendeWaseeKirendeGeri
Spelling variation: Wathii

Area of origin : Unknown
Derived from the Kikuyu word, Athii which means Travelers or People Travelling. The word was mostly used by matatu touts whan calling for the driver to be on the look out for "Travelling People/Passengers"

Wadhii - (Noun) - [ waa-thii ]

Meaning : Gikomba Open Market
Use : Naingia wadhii kesho = I'll go to Gikomba (open air) Market tomorrow
Period: Late 90's
Related to: Mako, Camera, Ndonyo, Burungo, Cladi, Njumu, Mbwenya, Mng'aro,
Synonyms: Gikosh

Area of origin : Gikosh
Derived from the Kikuyu word, "Athii" which means Traveler. The word was mostly used by traders in the open air market to refer to people coming to pick merchandise for sale elsewhere

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